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PostSubject: POSTING A SCREEN SHOT   Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:57 pm

What is a screenshot and how do you make one?

First you will need a screen capture by clicking Alt+Prtscn keys.
some keyboards have a key called Print Screen SysRq just press this once and it will capture what is on your screen at that time

Then I open MSPaint or some other photo software like Paintshop,you will find paint in Accessories

paste it in by hitting Ctrl+V, then save the file to my Desktop as a .gif usually.


Image Directions...
After saving your image to your HD, open Image Shack site and click "browse".
Locate your file

check from from dropdown menu optimize without resizing

Click host it.
After the screen refreshes with the uploaded file you will see several links.

Choose Thumbnail 1 and copy the complete code and enter it in your post.
That will put a thumbnail in your post for the reader to click, opening a new window to view your image

or Choose hot links to forums (1)copy the complete code and enter it in your post.

open a free account at Photo

When you get your account at Photo upload the image from your computer. After the image is up loaded, there will be three links below the image...

1. URL
2. TAG
3. IMG

The IMG link is the one we need. Copy it and paste it in your post and voila you are a snapshot posting fool

if you have already got your pic saved on your pc


this page will open check all i have checked and and from dropdown menu optimize without resizing

now click Browse... and find the pic you are looking for, now click that pic to highlight it, now click Host it, wait for page to refresh,

scroll down and pick Hotlink for forums (1)

copy all of the code in that line ,

and paste it in your post you are about to make and submit your post and your done
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