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PostSubject: Omaha Help   Omaha Help Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 6:16 pm

standard Omaha, each player is dealt 4 down cards, unlike in Hold’em, " YOU MUST" use two of your cards and 3 of the community cards to make the best possible 5-card hand.

What to Do After the Flop

Once a player has made the decision to play his hole cards, and has called the bets before the flop for the privilege of seeing what happens when the dealer flops the first three community cards, then the next big decision is "What now?"

Take a look at the cards that are sitting there on the table, and determine how they can be used with the cards in your hand. Figure out how many chances you have to make your hand. Count how much money is in the pot and then make the decision on whether or not it is profitable to draw. Note that you should call with a drawing hand only if you believe you will get paid off if you hit. If you do hit, your game should become more aggressive.

You should be prepared to raise in a big pot if the flop brings you a number of different options. For example, if you get a possible weak flush, an inside straight draw,This is a good place to raise. It will force at least a few of your opponents out as well as give your hand a better chance to win if you hit on the next two cards. With this in mind, you should be ready to fold in case of heavy action behind you.

Avoid drawing for a low hand when the flop comes and there is a pair of high cards in it. Obviously this means you should not draw for a high hand when the flop comes with two low cards. The exception to this rule is if you your hand consists of additional values, a flush draw for example.

If two suited cards appear on the flop and you get the flush draw you should go for the flush in case it is the nut flush draw. Fold your cards if the community cards show a pair and you have flush and straight draws.
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Omaha Help
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